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Welcome to
Lisa Holt-Jones Art!

Lisa Holt-Jones coloured pencil artist

I'm a coloured pencil artist,

currently based in Cape Breton,

Nova Scotia. I love to draw

realistic animals and birds.

I started drawing in January 2023, after the passing of my husband, Ian. Having zero previous art experience - just the love of animals and a desire to learn! I joined an amazing online academy and haven't looked back!

I'm a member of the

UK Coloured Pencil Society

 and AAA - the

Association of Animal Artists.

In November 2023, just 11 months after I started drawing, I was honoured to be accepted into the

International Guild of Realism.

Follow my creative journey on Facebook.

I will be available for a limited number of custom pet portraits. If you'd like to commission a drawing from me - click here to send me a message or for more information on my commission process & price guide click here.

Coloured pencil drawing of a Mountain Lion Cougar

Mountain Lion - for Exhibition

Coloured pencil portrait of a flatcoat retriever dog

My beautiful flat coated retriever - 'Dippy Doris'

Pet portrait of a chocolate labrador dog

My darling Stanley - 'The look of love'

Custom pet portrait of a cat in coloured pencils

Bob, a private


Thanks for submitting!

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