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Terms & Conditions

By paying your deposit you agree to the following Terms & Conditions:

  1. A non-refundable deposit is required to secure your slot in my diary. Work will not start until this has been received. If I am unable to complete your portrait due to circumstances beyond my control (eg illness), the deposit will be refunded.

  2. The balance is due on completion of the drawing and prior to shipping. 

  3. Failure to pay in full after a written reminder two weeks after I issue the initial invoice will cancel our agreeent and the artwork will be sold elsewhere to recover my costs.   

  4. Secure tracked shipping is an additional cost.

  5.  If the photos you present to me are not your own, then permission is required from the photographer, for copyright purposes. The photographs remain the property of the photographer & will be credited by me on all media I share.

  6. I retain the copyright of the artwork. I have the right to share the artwork publicly on my social media and website and enter it into competitions, exhibitions and create prints. All rights to the produced artwork belong to Lisa Holt-Jones and do not transfer upon payment. You may not reproduce the artwork without written permission from me.

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